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Preparing For Sex…

Do you go through your day fantasizing about ‘later’? Do you find yourself thinking “ooowee when I get home…!”

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Packaged Goods: A Message To Singles

I was scrolling through my timeline on a particular social media site and saw a selfie posted by a woman. The caption read something like “Why can’t I find someone who knows how to love me the right way” (Let me interject here that this post is not just aimed at women…men you listen up too!!)

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So Everything Really Is My (The Man’s) Responsibility?!?

A friend of mine posted a quote from “The Resolution For Men” on Facebook: “Do you realize that as the leader of your home, the greater responsibility for the success of your marriage is on you? You are driving. When a marriage falls apart, the wife may be responsible, but the husband is more responsible. […]

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